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It's Story Telling Thursday!!

Yes, I missed Story Telling Tuesday again. And don't even get me started on WTF?!? Wednesday. I guess being late to the party is still better than not showing up at all, right?

Ok, so, remember Cujo/Gizmo, the little demon dog I was telling ya'll about last week? Well, as it happens, I have an update for you.

So the foster/adoption parent decided they wanted to take a vacation during this week's school break (we got a break this week because Mardi Gras!). Anyway, they wanted to take off for the week and couldn't take little Cujo/Gizmo with them (because none of us are sure he should be crossing any state lines, or any other type of border for that matter), so the foster/adoption parent started looking for a dog sitter (they have other dogs too, but none of the other dogs are potentially possessed or from an alternate dimension). The foster/adoption parent found several good prospects and started calling said prospects to come meet the little hellion of havoc in person to see if peace, or at least a temporary truce could be formed between pet sitter and possibly possessed pet. The sitters were warned to bring protective gear.

Well, several days, and multiple traumatized dog sitting prospects later, the foster/adoption parent realized that they have a serious problem. Guess what it was? Yep, the demon dog of disorder refused to be "accepting" (or even tolerant) of any of the potential pet sitting prospects even though he was in his "safe" place and the sitters did their best to win over his tiny little demon filled heart.

In a serious panic, the foster/adoption parent call Bri, because to their knowledge, Bri is the only other person on the planet to "handle" Cujo/Gizmo and live to tell the tell (with only minimal scars). Multiple phone calls and more rejections than a telemarketer selling mosquitos in the swamp later, a decision had been reached... A sitter is staying with the other dogs, but Bri is dog sitting Cujo/Gizmo for the week. Seriously. They could not find not even ONE person that this little troll of terror didn't try to inflict serious bodily harm on (I'm beginning to think someone released his inner serial killer before sending him forth in to the unsuspecting world). The foster/adoption parent even brought the little monster of mischief to the clinic just to be sure he would still be somewhat tolerant of Bri. He was.

So here we are. Bri has had the little canine psychopath in her custody since the beginning of the week and, so far, he has terrorized and traumatized everything. And everybody. Really. He has. Bri's dogs, Harvey - who is protective but will give anybody a chance, and Rosie - who doesn't have two brain cells to rub together so she thinks everyone loves her, (both are at least 3 & 4 times his size), won't even go outside until the goblin of greif is back in Bri's room. Bri's cat - Princess MeowMeow - who is very dog friendly and loves everybody, hides behind the couch to avoid making eye contact with the banshee of badness (don't worry, she has a bed in the window behind the couch). My grandson G - who loves all animals just stands back with big eyes and shakes his head because he doesn't want any part of that furry hurricane of evil. My husband - who all (well, almost all) animals love can't even be within seeing distance or the crazy in that bubbling cauldron of darkness starts spilling over. The chickens - who are also dog friendly, absolutely refuse to leave the coop when Bri is walking the wrestler of wrath in the yard. And the pigs - because even though the tiny terror from hell is small, his bark is extra large. Me? I just watch all the fun from my office window. On the second floor. Well away from the murderous miscreant.

Four more days. We, or I should say Bri, only has to survive four more days with the devil dog of discontent and he will be returned to the foster/adoption parent. Wish her luck because while he is tolerant of her, I have seen the side eye he slides in her direction... I am definitely concerned.

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