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A Throwback Thursday Story

The post I made yesterday got me thinking about another "incident" with my daughter, Bri...

A few months ago she came home a bit flustered and proceeded to tell me about a rescue someone had brought in. He looked like some kind of chihuahua mix and was really small. The poor thing had some serious anger issues (I mean, who could blame him, who knows how long he was on the streets fending for himself). She told me that they had been trying to get him placed with a foster for several days but, no one would take him and the clinic was not equipped to keep him long term.

I suggested she let me write a description to post and see if that helped. She agreed....

The following is the original description. It did have to be edited slightly for liability purposes, but they stayed as close as they could to the original script:


Meet Cujo, I mean Gizmo! He’s a spirited little soul with a face that only a mother could love. Granted it’s not any mother I know, but there has to be one out there somewhere… Yes, he looks like the love child of a gremlin that was fed after midnight and fruit bat, but that’s not even the worst thing about him!

Cujo, I mean Gizmo, was found near the lake and we have been unable to find his owners (or the alternate dimension from which he actually came from). This little guy has a few boundary issues (as in he doesn’t want anyone crossing HIS boundaries), but we believe with enough time, patience, a Kevlar glove, and quite possibly an exorcism, he would make the right person a wonderful little hell hound.

We aren’t sure of his breed, but we recommend not feeding him after midnight or getting him wet just in case. He did get a clean bill of health, as did all of the techs that he bit during the exam. Several fosters have attempted to welcome him, but none of them lasted more than 24 hours (one didn’t even make it out the door). No need to worry! They are all still alive, but, may be a bit traumatized. Apparently Cujo, ahem, Gizmo wants what he wants. We just don’t know what that want is yet.

If you are loving, patient, and brave enough to go a round or 6 with this little demon dog, PLEASE contact us ASAP!! We can’t keep him forever and we are pretty sure he is planning a full on prison break even as we post this.

Cujo / Gizmo was placed in a foster home, the same day the info was posted, with a wonderful woman that actually ended up adopting him. Which just goes to show, it's not always what you say, it's the way that you say it.

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