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The T Chronicles

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

I am one of those people that things always seem to happen to. Not necessarily bad, but interesting, or amusing, or unbelievable... Anyway, occasionally I'll put those tidbits here for my own personal entertainment and quite possibly yours...

Disclaimer ~

In order to protect the innocent (or guilty), all names of any characters involved in any event shared here will be changed. Also, any and all stories shared here will be highly embellished, exaggerated, and quite possibly be flat out lies, and may not be copied, printed, published, re-told, stolen, or whatever else, without my written permission.

#TheTChronicles #TheStoriesITell #YallWouldn'tBelieveAllTheCrapThat'sHappenedToMe #ITotallyMakeSomeOfThisStuffUp #OrDoI? #ForEntertainmentPurposesOnly #FunnyStuffHappens #ICan'tEvenWithMyselfSometimes #It'sNotMeanIfIt'sFunny,Right?

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