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I have been remiss in my duties...

Blogging is new to me. As you can see by the dates, I actually intended to start in April. Yea. Obviously that didn't happen. Lot's of other stuff has happened, but not the blogging. I'm working on it. Seriously. I am. Mostly.

The thing is, (besides completely forgetting that I set the blog up in the first place), I don't really know how to tell the stories on a blog. Oh, I have the stories, many of them, cuz shit happens to me on a regular basis. I just don't always know how to put into words what happened with out using an extreme amount of explicative (Yes, that's a word, I looked it up to make sure!) language and descriptive ferociousness. Meaning that I cuss like a sailor and call it like I see it, and sometimes add highly descriptive narratives that totally add to the humorousness of it all. Did I mentions that I'm a bit of a snarky, smart-ass? No? Well, I am.

The brutality of my honestness (Not a word, but it sounded better than honesty, honestly.), along with the decidedly unfiltered commentary that accompanies the telling of said stories can and will be quite offensive to individuals of the self-righteous nature that stumble into The T Chronicles thinking they want to partake in a little lighthearted reading. Oh, it's going to be funny, but considering the amount of times that I use the f-word in a day, I'm pretty sure I'll get censored almost immediately or start receiving complaints from some Karen. Or a bunch of Karen's... Not that I am bothered by the Karen's of the world, but I am trying to figure out how to approach my storytelling with a few less obscenities and not lose the humor in the telling. I'm not sure how to make that happen because quite frankly, the unfiltered, explicative language makes the stories so much more entertaining. In my opinion at least.

So here I am, trying to decide how to less offensively adult without fundamentally altering all this gloriousness that is my warped sense of humor and questionable personalities. I'm pretty sure that 5 out of the 6 of my personalities are fighting for dominance to see who will be in charge of the blogging, but then there's that 6th one... sitting over in the corner, having an adult beverage, enjoying the show, and it? It has zero fucks to give. That one... that one may be plotting with my inner demons to take over the world, starting with this one little blog...

Disclaimer ~

In order to protect the innocent (or guilty), all names of any characters involved in any event shared here will be changed. Also, any and all stories shared here will be highly embellished, exaggerated, and quite possibly be flat out lies, and may not be copied, printed, published, re-told, stolen, or whatever else, without my written permission.

#TheTChronicles #TheStoriesITell #YallWouldn'tBelieveAllTheCrapThat'sHappenedToMe #ITotallyMakeSomeOfThisStuffUp #OrDoI? #ForEntertainmentPurposesOnly #FunnyStuffHappens #ICan'tEvenWithMyselfSometimes #It'sNotMeanIfIt'sFunny,Right?

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